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Virtual Classroom

Giving the perfect online training
with our new Virtual Classroom

Online Training is growing and growing.
 We believe it can be improved by doing it in a better, more versatile online classroom.

  • revolutionary new approach
  • spacious 3D online classroom
  • best online classroom available
3D Virtual Classroom - old and new

Completely new approach

Current online training applications are based on old ‘video calling’ technology (Zoom, Teams, Webex, etc.) having various limitations.

Our virtually created 360º classroom gives the trainer a much bigger workspace. It has various presentation screens and popup panels. It looks great and can be fully tailored to your needs and style. 

Virtual Classroom - for desktop, tablet and mobile phone

We added lots of extra tools
for the perfect training

Interaction with students is an important part of the learning process. However, getting feedback from 10 students at the same time causes a lot of chaos.

Therefore, we added various tools to manage such interactions: digital Post-its, digital Polls, downloadable content etc. Popup panels are presented with the question and all participants see the results instantly on the screen. Please take a look at video.

All platforms

Very accessible: it works on desktop, tablet and mobile phone.

No VR glasses required
No VR glasses

Virtual but no VR glasses required. It happens all in the browser.

No downloads required
No downloads

Very user friendly: one click, the connection happens instantly.

Enterprise ready

Cloud-based, easy integration, great support, global partners

"I noticed many corporate trainers weren't satisfied with current online training tools. Our 3D Virtual Classroom allows them to give better trainings, cut back on their T&E and it's better for the planet."
Johan Jongkind
Founder VR-Spaces

This is how our platform
compares to others

Oldschool online classrooms - Webex, Zoom, Teams, GoToWebinar
Virtual Classroom with webcam bar

Current technology used for online training is based on video calling and video conference systems (2D). This means all elements (trainer, students, presentation screen, interaction) have to be packed in a small area.

Our new approach, based on virtual techniques, allows us to create a much more immersive (3D) online training environment. With more smart training tools and better student interaction.

Creating Virtual Classrooms as easy as 1-2-3

Little extra equipment is required to create such a new training experience. 

Just a simple green screen and a high resolution webcam and you can start.

Virtual Classroom - Green Screen
1. Green Screen
Virtual Classroom - Webcam Logitech BRIO
2. Logitech BRIO
Virtual Classroom - Laptop
3. Laptop
Virtual Classroom - Trainer
Ready to start

Global employees, local students,
train them anywhere, from anywhere

Global coverage
Global coverage

Our global Amazon AWS and Hetzner-based network is very fast and reliable. Tested as far as Sydney, Sao Paulo and San Francisco, with very limited network delays. 

All platforms

No downloads required, it’s accessible for everyone. Directly from the internet browser and from any computer (desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone).

Lower training costs
Lower training costs

It’s a simple calculation: no travel costs, less working time lost and more flexibility. Our application is a great tool to further improve your current training program.

Get started with the Virtual Classroom now!

Do you also want to train your people in this new and innovative way?
Our Support Team there to help you with advice, training and tutorials along the time.

Our pricing is very competitive, starting as low as € 4,- per global training session.

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