Online training just got better

Virtual Classroom

We have chosen
a completely new approach

Virtual Classroom - Old and new

Current online training applications are based on traditional video conferencing technology (Zoom, Teams, Webex), having various limitations.

Our virtually created 360º classroom gives the trainer a much bigger workspace. It has various presentation screens and popup panels. It looks great and can be fully tailored to your needs and style. 

Delivering a better, more realistic online classroom

Icoon All platforms 3

Offer your students
the best online classroom

VR-Spaces - 3D Virtual Classroom

More presentation screens, better student interaction: our 3D Virtual Classroom was developed with giving students the best online classroom in mind.

 Did we raise your curiosity? 

As this is a completely new approach, you might want to see it in action and experience it yourself. We are very happy to give you a demo.

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