This is the difference

Disrupting the online training market

It’s a disruption. With other applications trainers have a small screen to give their training. With our new Virtual Classroom they have a beautiful 360˚ classroom … to give the perfect online training.

We’ve chosen a completely new approach. In this blog we zoom in on our vision, our new technological approach and why this is relevant.


Online training alternatives

For online training (doing it ‘live’), trainers/teachers usually choose for video conferencing solutions or webinars. 

Applications such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Cisco’s Webex. Also Skype for BusinessGoogle Hangouts or BlueJeans are used, but unfortunately they’re limited in terms of presentation tools. 

There are many webinar options such as GoToWebinar, WebinarJam, ON24 and Demio. They allow you to present your training in detail and there’s some level of interactivity.

Online training course using video calling approach

What’s missing?

Online training was already big and growing before the Corona crisis. But Corona gave it another push.

In our talks with corporate trainers, it became clear that they are not satisfied with what is currently on offer. Their online classroom doesn’t feel like a proper classroom, it doesn’t have the right facilities and interaction with students is often poor. 

This is caused by the limitations of the current technology. Too many things have to happen in the small screen space that is available: the trainer, the presentation screen, the interaction tools, the students … everything is packed in this small 2D space.

This is because all these solutions are based on the wellknown, yet old technology of video calling / conferencing.

Completely new approach

Virtual Classroom - Old and new

Instead of the small (16:9) window, we have started with a much bigger area, the 360˚ room. 

This allows us to position all training elements in a much better way and even add important new features (three presentation screens instead of one, live post-its and live polls).

We want the experience to be as close as possible to the real classroom, of course keeping in mind that this an online environment. 

Good student interaction is key. All students join in the special webcam bar. The  trainer has various smart tools to manage his/her training session.

With this, we have created a completely new online training experience.

Ease of use: no downloads, accessible on all machines

Virtual Classroom compatible with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge Chromium

As a trainer or student, you don’t have to download anything: our Virtual Classroom is browser-based. 

We use the latest technology (WebGL, webrtc) which is nowadays built into all major web browsers, even Microsoft Edge is uptodate now.

As it is browser-based, trainers and students can use it from any machine: desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.


Virtual Reality but no VR glasses

The VR glasses are a great innovation, we love using them. 

However, it’s our experience that no student or trainer is going to use these glasses for 1-3 hours to follow a training or instruction. It’s too uncomfortable and it feels also very unnatural being in your work place with these glasses on.

There’s also another disadvantage. Students can see the instructor but the students are not really attending the training themselves: they’re spectators, not participators. That’s not the experience you’re looking for.

Virtual Classroom - no VR glasses required

Better? Yes, we think so

We have tested the Virtual Classroom with trainers and students, here in The Netherlands and as far as Sydney and Lima. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s an online training experience they hadn’t experienced before.

It’s easy to use and can be used to train students and employees wherever they are in the world.

With the launch of our new 3D Virtual Classroom we intend to give trainers, companies, schools and universities a new tool to achieve their goals: making their students, employees and organisations better. 

Do you want to see it in action? Please contact us and ask for a demo.

3D Virtual Classroom is launching

More Freedom

At VR-Spaces, we want to disrupt the online learning market with our new product, the 3D Virtual Classroom.

Applications such as Teams, Zoom and Webex etc. are widely used for online learning, however with our 3D Virtual Classroom we will offer a much better User Experience. 

This product is ideal for trainers in both the corporate and educational sectors. It is also used to give online presentations in a new and innovative way.

3D Virtual Classroom - old and new

Online training just got better

We will offer trainers a much better, more realistic online environment to give their trainings. It’s a spacious, 360 degrees, beautifully designed classroom.

Trainers will have not one, but three presentation screens. Interaction with students is very important and therefore we added various tools for interaction.

Please see this short video about our Virtual Classroom:

Other applications too 'packed'

Other online training systems use traditional video calling or video conference techniques. They come with one major disadvantage for online training: the available space is too limited. 

Everything has to happen in the small screen window: trainer, presentation screen, students, interaction. It feels that everything is packed in a small space.

Virtual Classroom concullegas

Completely new approach

Combining the latest web browser technology with smart audiovisual techniques, we have creates an online classroom environment like no other. 

No downloads required, no VR glasses and accessible on all platforms.

Our Virtual Classroom starts with a beautiful 360 degrees space, where trainer and students are ‘live’ together. The trainer has three presentation screens and lots of interaction tools to give the excellent training.

It’s a completely new way to give an online training or presentation.

Accessible for everybody, no VR glasses required

Virtual Classroom compatible with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge Chromium

Our application is accessible for everybody because it is web browser-based. 

We use the latest VR technology in these web browsers to create this unique environment. 

However, no VR glasses are required, because nobody woud give or follow a training for 2-3 hours with such a headset on. That would be very uncomfortable and also looks very strange with everybody wearing these glasses.

Our application is accessible from:

  • all platforms: desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone
  • all major internet browsers: Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge
The application is cloud-based, so no downloads are required for you and your students. They can click on the link and it works. 

Our goal: the best online classroom in the world

Testing and listening to experienced trainers has learned us a lot. 

Based on their feedback, we will continue to invest heavily in product development with many new features. These will further enhance the online training experience.

Hopefully we will reach our goal soon.