Our (easy-peasy) hardware setup

We’ve developed our system with ‘ease of use’ as one of our main goals, also for the required hardware. Therefore, with only the following five items you can start using our system:

  • Logitech Brio 4K webcam camera + tripod
  • Green screen (3 x 3m) + background system
  • Headset

In a room with normal light, no additional light is required (we tested it many times). If you feel this is not enough, please see item #6.

These products are available in many online stores and with your own suppliers. In the following overview we’ve included (for The Netherlands) the links to the website of Coolblue as they can deliver all products next day.

1. Logitech Brio

The Logitech Brio is an essential part of our system. It’s 4K resolution with HDR technology delivers excellent picture quality, even in lower light situations.
Coolblue: Logitech Brio (approx. € 181,- ex VAT)

2 & 3. Tripods

Tripod for Brio camera: Falcon Eyes LMC-1900 (approx. € 27,- ex VAT)
Background system for green screen: Bresser BR-D36 (approx. € 100,- ex VAT)

4. Green screen

Green screen: Konig Background Cloth 3x3m (approx. € 44,- ex VAT)

5. Microphone

It’s important to have a headset with a USB connector. We used this Sennheiser headset for our testing and we liked its clear sound.

Coolblue: Sennheiser SC 60 USB ML (approx. € 62,- ex VAT)

(Optional) 6. Light set

Training your staff in Stockholm, San Francisco and Singapore … no problem.

Line up your best trainers

The following scenario might sound familiar. Your organisation has an extensive Knowledge Management program. Your best trainers and your product specialists are at the headquarters and many of your employees are somewhere else. How can the learning process be improved?

With our Virtual Classroom you can adjust your training programs. Your people travel less, you can train them more and you can line up the best trainers for them as location is not important anymore.

The improvements and cost savings are not difficult to imagine.

Worldwide, ultra fast

We have tested the system on a local and global level, together with the training department of a large Dutch multinational company. Even an employee in the Sydney office could participate with minimal delay.

Using the Amazon AWS and OVH networks, the internet speeds between continents and the main business districts are ultrafast nowadays.

We always help our customers with the setup of their system. When setting up a global system, we pay special attention to the so-called ‘Last Mile’, the final stretch of the internet connection (into their local offices) to see that there are no performance issues.

Trainer and host can be anywhere

The Virtual Classroom is very flexible. All the trainer needs is a green screen, a laptop and a decent internet connection. He or she can do the training from anywhere as the application is cloud-based and therefore not location based.

Recently, we also added a host function. The host helps the trainer and manages the training session. Preferably they are at the same location in the same room. But it’s no problem when the locations are different, e.g. the trainer is in Amsterdam and the host in Paris.

Effective, efficient, greener

One of our key lines is ‘Train More, Travel Less’. With the Virtual Classroom companies can do exactly that.

They have a new channel to provide their training and can re-structure their current training programs. This allows them to cut (T&E) costs by limiting central training sessions and increase de-centralised, virtual training. Usually these new training sessions are shorter (1 – 3 hours), more focussed and have a higher frequency.

We aren’t environmental specialists and certified accountants, but the following calculations clearly do the maths, both from a financial and environmental point of view:

Virtual Classroom business case

Nice challenge: time zones

Employees of global operating companies are scattered around the world. During our test program, this is how we handled the different time zones and took care that all employees were instructed on the same day:

  • 9am: Sydney, Manilla, Singapore, Bombay
  • 11am: Paris, Prague, Sofia, Cairo, Johannesburg
  • 4pm: Chicago, Mexico, Sao Paulo, Santiago di Chili
Flags of countries tested

See Virtual Classroom in action?

The Virtual Classroom is a completely new approach. On the main page of this website there are several videos explaining the application more in detail. 

But it is even better to experience it yourself. We are happy to give an online demo where you can be the student and see it from that side. Or experience it from the trainer sides; for that we will come over to your offices. Your trainers will have great fun participating and (we are pretty sure) love it.