Compatible with the Big Four

With the launch of Microsoft’s new Edge browser, we are very happy to say our application is now compatible with the top 4 internet browser.

Virtual Classroom compatible with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge Chromium
Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge Chromium

This means our application can now be used on more than 80% of the world’s devices (desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone).

Our goal

It’s our goal to be as widely accessible as possible and to make it as easy as possible for our users. Therefore, users don’t have to download or update anything. It’s just one click and they can start.

They can use it in their internet browser because all the required technologies are built into the browsers nowadays.

More than 80% of all used internet browsers worldwide can run our application (source: GlobalStats Statcounter


Browser Market Share Worldwide (Dec 2019)
More than 80% of all users worldwide have access to the Virtual Classroom application

Internet Explorer & Edge browser

Microsoft is the last major supplier to add the required technologies to its browser.

Previously, with the Internet Explorer and the Edge browser, there was no full support for WebGL which is required in the browser for (among others) Virtual Reality usage. Other browsers, like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have adopted these standards many years ago

In January 2020, Microsoft made an important change. The new Edge browser (version 79) is now based on the Chromium platform. This is the same browser engine which also runs is also used by Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi and Brave.

Note for corporate users: we still see many people logging in with their old Internet Explorer browser. This browser hasn’t been updated for many years and also doesn’t run our Virtual Classroom application. We recommend them to switch to one of the modern browsers.


Microsoft Edge Chromium (v79)
Microsoft Edge internet browser now also based on the Chromium open platform
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