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Adding host to training session

Virtual Classroom - Logitech Brio

Adding host to training session

We recently added this great new feature and got very positive feedback on it from our trainers.

High workload

When you are doing an online training session the workload can be very high. There are many things to focus on whilst you already need all your attention for your giving your training.

Adding a host is then the right thing to do. You can focus on the training and the students, he/she manages all other things.

Less VC-experienced trainers

Our system is not only used by experienced Virtual Classroom trainers. There are many trainers who only do it once or are especially invited for one particular session.

In that case, adding a host to that training session is highly recommended.

The trainer can focus 100% on the training. The host is managing all other things: the slideshow, the messages from the chat box, creating an interaction ‘on-the-fly’ etc.


It’s very easy to add a host to a Training Session:

  1. Go to Session Details
  2. Select the tab ‘Host’ 
  3. Add the name of the host (he/she will receive an email)

The host should be registered in our system.

Virtual Classroom - Adding host

If you have any question about this topic or you need any other type of support, please contact our Support Team.