About the slideshow bar

Virtual Classroom - Logitech Brio

About the Slideshow bar

The Slideshow bar is used to display your slides in the Virtual Classroom. It is very easy to operate, so you can focus on your training and your students. 

Click with your mouse or, even quicker, use the right-arrow button plus the Enter button to move through your slideshow and activate each slide.

Virtual Classroom - Slideshow bar

Extra features which are important:

Save content

Virtual Classroom - Save and retrieve content

You can save the Post-its and Polls by clicking on this icon. This is a very handy feature when (for example) you want to ask student goals at the beginning of the lesson and re-visit that at the end.

The content is saved and accessible via the button in the top-right navigation. An extra icon will become visible there, only for the trainer. All your saved content is displayed and can be retrieved from there.

Create new content during training

Please use the “On-the-fly” button to create a new Post-it or Poll during the training. For example, for some last minute feedback of the group.

We advice the host to do this. Although it is quite easy, it still distracts from the training.

Change slideshow

Virtual Classroom - Select new slideshow or additional content

During the training, you can change very quickly to another slideshow, or select some piece content that is stored in the application. This is very easy when something unexpected comes up.

We will continuously improve this important part of the application. If you have any suggestions or questions, please let us know.

If you have any questions about this topic or you need any other type of support, please contact our Support Team.

About the webcam bar

Virtual Classroom - Logitech Brio

About the Webcam Bar

The Webcam Bar is activated by clicking on the Student icon. All students are visible wherever they are in the world. It’s a great feature to create a near-realistic classroom feeling.

Virtual Classroom - Webcam Bar

Mute sound

When many students are following the training, it might happen that you hear excessive background noise. This can happen when one of the students is not in a quiet surroundings.

Therefore we advise to start all students in Mute Mode. Both the student and the trainer can toggle the Mute button.

No webcam

When there is no webcam visible from the student, this could mean three things:

  • student has turned off his/her webcam
  • student doesn’t have a webcam (he/she can still see the trainer, the audio channel still works)
  • student has very low bandwith (the application scales back the connection automatically based on available bandwith)
Virtual Classroom - Student no webcam

Special feature #1: student to main screen

It is possible to select a student from the Webcam Bar and transfer him/her to the one the presentation screens.

You might want to do this when one of the student has something important to share.

Just click on the Fullscreen icon of that student and select on which presentation screen you want to show him/her.

Virtual Classroom - Student to main screen

Special feature #2: Share Screen from student to main screen

Both the Trainer and the Student can share their screen. When a Student wants to share his/her screen, this has to accepted and facilitated by the the Trainer. For obvious reason, this is not done automatically.

The process is very simple. After the Student did a Share Screen, his/her webcam feed will change to the new content. Subsequently, the Trainer clicks on the full screen icon (bottom left corner of the Student’s webcam stream) and can select the presentation screen where the content will be shown.

If you have any questions about this topic or you need any other type of support, please contact our Support Team.

Opening the classroom

Virtual Classroom - Logitech Brio

Opening the classroom

Sorry, we know this sounds very obvious, but we want to give some special attention to this small, but important gesture.

Only when the trainer opens the classroom, all students can enter. Until then, everyone is waiting for the ‘virtual door’.

Virtual Classroom - Opening training session

If you have any questions about this topic or you need any other type of support, please contact our Support Team.

Extra tools during the training

Virtual Classroom - Logitech Brio

Extra tools during training session

With students at different locations, managing a training session is quite challenging. Although you have prepared your training well (content and slideshow created), always unexpected things happen. That is very normal and that’s why we have created these great extra tools.

We developed a number of smart tools for you, so you can improvise on the spot (and we will continue adding new ones).

It is even better if you have a host next to you who does this, so you can concentrate on your training and students.

1. Import new slides

During a training session, sometimes you need to change Slideshow or you want to quickly show some other content. No problem.

Just click the Slideshow button (top right) and select whatever is required. Your students won’t notice it.

Virtual Classroom - Select new slideshow

2. Create content "on-the-fly'"

Imagine this scenario: during the training you want your students opinion or feedback on something. You don’t want them to answer all at the same time (chaos). Then it’s good to quickly create a Post-it or Poll for their feedback 

Please click the ‘on-the-fly’ button and you can instantly create one. It is very easy do, please see this video:

(tutorial video ON THE FLY CREATION)

3. Link Classroom URL

Imagine this scenario: the training has started and one of the students sents you a message: “I can’t find the email anymore”.

No panic, just click the URL button (top left) and insert the link in an email. It’s done in a couple of seconds.

4. Share your screen

During a training session, you want to show a particular website. Or quickly want to show a Powerpoint that is not uploaded in the system. No problem.

The Share Screen button allows you to select a particular window on your computer (or the whole screen) and show that window on the main presentation screen of your classroom. A great way to improvise!

Virtual Classroom - Share Screen

5. Save Post-its / Polls

All the information submitted by students via your Post-its and Polls can be saved. Later in the training or presentation, you can go back to this input.

For example, at the beginning of the training, you ask what their goals are for today’s session. It’s always good to go back to this information at the end of the training and see/ask if all goals were met.

Virtual Classroom - Save and retrieve content

Your input?

We want to continue improving our application. Your feedback or special wishes are very welcome (please send message to Support Team). We will do our best to implement your suggestions in the Virtual Classroom. 

Pre lesson preparation

Virtual Classroom - Logitech Brio

Pre-training preparation

Like in the real world, it is always good to be a little early in the classroom and do your preparations.

Trainer preparation

We assume that you have already created your slideshow for your training session. 

  1. Hardware setup
    Please look at our short video, it usually takes about 10 minutes to set things up and 10 minutes to test the system (see video below).

  2. Slideshow ready?
    Please be in your classroom a couple of minutes early, when the slideshow is ready, you are ready. It give peace of mind to be a little early and not to rush.
  3. Open the classroom … ready to shine!
For the trainer, we recommend using a cable to connect your computer to the internet. A cable connection  is much faster and there is less congestion (which often is a problem in busy offices).

Student preparation

In the invitation email the student finds the link to the classroom. He/she can’t enter the classroom as long as the trainer hasn’t opened the room.

Please follow these three steps:

  1. Select camera and audio
    After you click on the link, first, you can select and test your webcam and audio*

  2. Fill in your name

  3. Mute your sound
    Please note, everybody can hear your background sound very clearly, so it’s better to start in Mute mode

Good to know #1

If you don’t have a webcam, no problem, you can still participate. If both your webcam and audio don’t work, you can only enter the classroom in ‘Spectator Mode’.

Good to know #2

For the best Virtual Classroom experience, we recommend using a desktop or laptop computer. On a mobile phone it is also possible to follow the Sessions, however a number of functions have been disabled due to the limited size of the screen.

If you have any questions about this topic or you need any other type of support, please contact our Support Team.

Quick tour around the Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom - Logitech Brio

Quick tour around the Virtual Classroom

Trainer and students see exactly the same classroom (also see our Quick Tour video). However, the trainers has a number of extra buttons to manage the training.

(image of room with students in webcam bar)

(tutorial video QUICK TOUR)

1. 360˚classroom

Using your mouse (computers) or fingers (tablet, mobile phone) you can look around in the 360˚ classroom. You can focus on the different screens and also zoom-in/out on different areas.

We always advise the trainer, when starting a session, to give a little tour around the classroom, as for most students this will be their first time, it makes everybody feel more at ease and then they understand the possibilities of this new environment.

2. Classroom buttons

Students can talk with their teacher or use the Chatbox to ask questions. All students are ‘live’ in the classroom: please click the ‘Students’ button and the Webcam bar will popup showing all participants.

When a student uses the Virtual Classroom on his/her mobile, the options are slightly limited due to the smaller size of the screen. The student can follow the sessions without any problem, however functions such as (among others) the Chatbox and ShareScreen are not possible. 

Also, the Webcam Bar with all the other students is not shown as there is not enough space on the screen

3. Webcam Bar

Virtual Classroom - Webcam Bar

To see your fellow students, please click the Webcam Bar button. Their webcam streams are projected in the Webcam Bar.

Each student can mute audio and disable the webcam. We recommend keeping the audio muted whilst in the Classroom as background noise (from many students) will disturb the sound quality of the session. Only when a student wants to speak, he/she should unmute her audio

trainer can mute each student or disable video when required.

4. Extra trainer buttons

Virtual Classroom - Trainer Navigation Bar

The trainers has quite a few extra buttons to manage the Session. In the Navigation Bar, at the bottom of the screen, there are four extra buttons. Furthermore, a number of buttons have been added top right of the screen.

In the Navigation Bar, the most important one is the Slideshow button. The pre-made Slideshow will be visible in a special Bar. It can be operated with only one click, so the trainer can give all his attention to his students.

Other buttons available are the ‘Marker’ button (to highlight things on the screen with a marker), ‘Look-at’ button (to direct everybody’s attention to the same point), the Share-screen button and the Close Classroom button.

The buttons on the top-right of the screen will be explained in this article: Secondary Navigation

5. Trainer slideshow bar

The pre-made slideshow is as easy to operate as a Powerpoint presentation. Only 1 or 2 clicks with your mouse or arrow key will bring you to the next slide or popup panel.

6. Host function added

Recently we added this new feature: a Host who can help the trainer to manage the session.

During a training session, the Trainer should have full attention for the training and the interaction with the students. This is a high workload situation.

Also there are less (Virtual Classroom) experienced Trainers and Presenters.

In these cases, we recommended adding a Host to the session. The Trainer focusses on the giving the training, the host is managing all other things.

This improves the quality of the Session in many ways. More about the Host is explained in this article.


If you have any questions about this topic or you need any other type of support, please contact our Support Team.