About Roles and Permissions

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About Roles and Permissions

This article is only relevant for the Product Owners of this application: in our words ‘the manager’.

As with most applications, we have built in a Permissions and Roles system to organise and manage the users and content.

For example, all trainers from Country X do not have to have access to the content from Country Y. The same with the content from the Marketing Department and the Sales Department.

It’s very easy to create and manage this (important: only applies if you have our Teams or Corporate package).

Company level vs. Department level

Virtual Classrooms - Departments

To improve the structure of your account, you can create various Departments. This could be anything: a country, business unit, your own team structure etc.

This has the following consequences:

1. Teachers

  • Teacher on Company level has access to all content, also from all the Departments
  • Teacher on Department level only sees the content of that particular Department

2. Content

  • Content stored on Company level is accessible for all users, also for everybody in the Departments
  • Content stored on Department level is accessible only for that particular Department

3. Managers

  • Managers can also have different roles. A Manager on Company level can manage everything and also has access to everything.
  • You can also appoint a Manager for a specific Department. This Department Manager can only manage that particular Department and also has only access to the Content of that Department

If you have any question about this topic or you need any other type of support, please contact our Support Team.

Adding host to training session

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Adding host to training session

We recently added this great new feature and got very positive feedback on it from our trainers.

High workload

When you are doing an online training session the workload can be very high. There are many things to focus on whilst you already need all your attention for your giving your training.

Adding a host is then the right thing to do. You can focus on the training and the students, he/she manages all other things.

Less VC-experienced trainers

Our system is not only used by experienced Virtual Classroom trainers. There are many trainers who only do it once or are especially invited for one particular session.

In that case, adding a host to that training session is highly recommended.

The trainer can focus 100% on the training. The host is managing all other things: the slideshow, the messages from the chat box, creating an interaction ‘on-the-fly’ etc.


It’s very easy to add a host to a Training Session:

  1. Go to Session Details
  2. Select the tab ‘Host’ 
  3. Add the name of the host (he/she will receive an email)

The host should be registered in our system.

Virtual Classroom - Adding host

If you have any question about this topic or you need any other type of support, please contact our Support Team.

Inviting your students

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Inviting students to your training session

After you have created your training session, there are two ways you can inform your students.

1. Send invitation from our system

Virtual Classroom - Add invitations

When you create a new Session, you can add the email addresses of those who you want to invite (#1). 

Each person will receive an invitation email with all Session details and a link to the classroom.

It’s also possible to add invitees later. At the top (#2) you can see who’s already invited. Only new persons will receive the invitation.

In case you change something to the Session (date, time etc.) everybody will be updated by email.

2. Copy the Session URL

Virtual Classroom - Copy URL of training session

From the Session details, you can copy the URL of the training session and enclose it in your own emails. Anyone with that URL can login to the upcoming training session.

Good to know !

As a trainer, when you are in a Training Session in the Virtual Classroom, there is a smart shortcut to get the URL of the ongoing session. 

In the top-right corner, click the little ‘Student link’ icon and the URL of the current session is copied to your clipboard. Now you can share the URL quickly with anyone via email.


Virtual Classroom - URL of this online training session

If you have any question about this topic or you need any other type of support, please contact our Support Team.

Creating a training session

Virtual Classroom - Logitech Brio

Creating training session

Creating a new training session is as easy as 1, 2, 3. And after you have created it, you can start inviting your students.

Virtual Classroom - creating new session


Please follow these steps or watch the short tutorial movie.

  1. Give your session a name (students will see this in their invitation)
  2. Select the course and lesson for this training session
  3. Add the start date and time
  4. Estimate the duration of the session and the number of participants (this doesn’t influence the training session, but allows us to reserve enough (global) bandwidth for you).

Inviting students

To invite students, please add their email addresses. You can add as many addresses as your package allows. All students will receive an automatic invitation email when you save the Session.

When you want to add these email addresses later, the application will only sent the invitation to the newly added students. 


Adding host

We highly recommend to do this. It’s a great new feature.

By adding a host you can help less experienced trainers. It also helps to manage the workload during a training session.

In this tutorial you see this in more detail.


Changing trainer

By default you are the trainer. However, it’s possible to change the trainer for the session. Please click the View icon again and go to the tab ‘Trainer’.

You can select any trainer you have registered in our system (not a trainer who is not registered). The trainer will receive an email with all the Session details.

If you have any question about this topic or you need any other type of support, please contact our Support Team.

Developing your script / slideshow

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Developing your script / slideshow

A good training ... it's all about a good preparation.

Johan Jongkind

With all your components ready now, it’s time to create the slideshow (or the script, as quite a few people call it). 

An important part of the perfect online training is getting the content and the interaction with your students right. You can finetune this in the slideshow creation process.


Easy steps

Virtual Classroom - Slideshow

Creating a slideshow is very easy and intuitive. Please follow these simple steps or look at the short tutorial movie.

  1. Give the slideshow a name
  2. Select your content and drag it to the each step
  3. Select the screen where you want to show each item … ready!

Things to know

We added some extra smart things that you should know.

  1. Multiple content items possible
    Sometimes one screen is not enough, no problem. It’s possible to show content on each of your presentation screens at the same time. Just continue adding content to each step and select the various screens.

  2. Permanently lock item
    If you want a slide to visible during the whole of your session? Or you want to show the theme of your training continuously on one your screens, no problem. Just select that item and lock it permanently with the special button. It will be visible until you unlock it.

  3. No screen selection for popups
    Popups always appear as popups (also because the student has to interact with them). Therefore you can’t select a screen for them.
    The results will always appear on the main screen, clearly visible for everyone.

  4. Select department recommended
    If your company has decided to create multiple departments, please do not forget to select your department before saving the slideshow. Otherwise it will be visible to everyone in the company.

If you have any question about this topic or you need any other type of support, please contact our Support Team.

About courses and lessons

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About Courses and Lessons

You can structure your training program using courses and lessons. One course can consist of various lessons and you can give each lesson an order. You can create as many as you want.

It’s very easy to do, please look at this little tutorial:


Each user has to create at least one course and one lesson as this is used when a training session is created.

If you have a question about this topic or you need any other type of support, please contact our Support Team.

Creating your interaction tools

Virtual Classroom - Logitech Brio

Creating your interaction tools

Given an online training to 8 to 15 students requires good training management: interactive tools are an essential part.


We offer the following tools:

  • Post-its
    Get feedback from all students on an open question and interact with them. All Post-its will be shown on the main screen instantly and can be saved to revisit them later in the training.
  • Polls/Percentage Polls
    Get feedback on a closed question; the results will be shown immediately on the main screen.
  • Downloadable content
    Students can download the training syllabus, a video or any other file to be used during or after training.
  • Soon to be added
    We will be adding tools all the time. If you have any specific requests, please let us know.
Virtual Classroom - Templates interaction elements
At the moment, we have four templates: Post-it, 2x Polls and Downloadable Content


Creating these items is very easy. Please take a look at our tutorial movie:

If you have any question about this topic or you need any other type of support, please contact our Support Team.

Input your content

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Input your content

You can tailor your training in many ways. We always compare it to developing a normal presentation: what is the best content for your audience and how can I interact with them in the best possible way.


Being at different locations, sometimes even different countries or continents, this adds one extra layer of challenges. For a good training, interaction with students is key. But you don’t want all students in the virtual classroom talk or respond at the same time.


The following options are available for you:

  • Building blocks
    Upload all elements separately. This is a little more work but allows you to finetune your training in various ways. You can insert various interactive tools and also during the training it is slightly easier.
  • Quick and easy
    Upload your Powerpoint file*. During the training you can show the full presentation or specific parts.
Virtual Classroom - Input content

You can upload the following files:

  • Images … jpg and png files, preferably with a 16:8 ratio (= ratio of the presentation screen)
  • Videos … mpeg and mov files, preferably compressed to limit download time for students (we always use the free software program Handbrake (link) for compression
  • Powerpoint & PDF … at the moment the application only shows the full pages **
  • Soon to added: Google Presentations

* Note:

Regarding Powerpoint, currently only the full pages are shown, not yet the animations and videos. It’s a priority for us to add this very soon, however the required plugins are not available for us yet.

** Note:

There is another way to show a Powerpoint presentation during a training using the Share Screen function during the training. This will also show the animations and videos. Please look here for more information on this feature.

If you have any questions about this topic or you need any other type of support, please contact our Support Team.

General overview Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom - Logitech Brio

General overview Virtual Classroom

It’s our goal to keeps as easy-to-use as possible, so it’s accessible for everyone. We welcome any suggestions.

Two areas

In the “backend” you will prepare your training. In the Classroom (the “frontend”) you will give the training. Both trainer and student see exactly the same in the classroom; the trainer just has some extra buttons.

Virtual Classroom - Backend and Frontend


To make things easy, we have divided this in the following sections:

  • Input … to input your images, videos and (Powerpoint) documents
  • Create … to create your interactive tools and your training
  • Sessions … to create new sessions and invite students

Please note that Team Managers have an extra option: “Manage” … to add trainers and some stuff to manage the application.

Invite students

This is very easy and can be done in two ways:

  1. using our application … in each Session, you will able to invite students and emails will with all details will be sent automatically by our application
  2. copy the URL … in each Session, the URL is given to the classroom; just copy-paste this into your own emails or system


Virtual Classroom, the frontend

This is where the magic happens:-)  

As said, both trainer and students see the same classroom. When the trainer is ready, he/she will open the classroom and all students will ‘enter’: their webcam recording is shown in the special webcam bar and visible to all people participating.

If you have any question about this topic or you need any other type of support, please contact our Support Team.