Optimise your network / firewall

Virtual Classroom - Logitech Brio

Optimise your network / firewall

It’s important that your network is ready for our application. Firewall settings may prevent connecting to our server and/or some elements working properly. Please implement the following.

IP addresses used by our application

Companies who have managed firewalls in place, please make sure to open your firewall for the following IP address(es):


In the future we will extend this list. We will inform our customers four weeks in advance, so any changes can be implemented on time by their online security managers.

TCP / UDP ports used

Our Virtual Classroom has the ability to handle webRTC traffic over both UDP and TCP. The following ports are used and should be open / whitelisted in the firewall for the IP(s) mentioned above:

  • Port 443 for TCP HTTP/BOSH/Websocket to our webRTC server (via
  • Port 10000 for UDP from our Videobridge (via
  • (in case client has additional firewall restrictions and/or NAT) Port 443 TCP to our videobridge (via
  • Port 5275 and 5347 for TCP (XMPP client to server connections)


If your web traffic routes via a HTTP Proxy, then please create an exception to allow network traffic to route “.vr-spaces.com”.

Testing connection

If there are any issues or if you want to test your connection, please contact our Support Team to schedule a test appointment.

Required hardware


Required hardware for Virtual Classroom

From the starting point, our goal was to keep the hardware as easy as possible, so the application is easy to use, flexible and accessible for everybody.

You only need a laptop, Logitech Brio webcam and a green screen to start using the Virtual Classroom.


No need to create a professional green room area. With this (Konig) Background Cloth and (Falcon Eyes) Background System you can create the perfect setup. 

We have also opted for the Cloth version as it is easy to setup, store and carry with you.


  • When the trainer is behind the (virtual) presentation table in the Virtual Classroom, the 3 x 3 meter green Background Cloth is sufficient
  • When the trainer wants to be fully visible and ‘walk’ in the Virtual Classroom, we recommend the 3 x 6 meter version

Logitech BRIO webcam

We have selected the BRIO for a number of reasons:

  • Video quality (4K resolution)
  • Video adjustment (HDR technology automatically adjusts the brightness)


  • Little tripod/light stand is required to position the BRIO at the right height and angle (positioning it on top of your laptop screen will not give the desired effect)

For your convenience

These products are widely available on the internet. 

For your convenience (all products sold at one place, quick delivery), we have selected the well known internet store Coolblue

  • Bresser BR-9 Background Cloth 3 x 4m: link
  • Bresser BR-9 Background Cloth 3 x 6m: link
  • Falcon Eyes Background System: link
  • Logitech BRIO: link
  • Rotolight Compact Light Stand: link

Installing the Brio webcam

Virtual Classroom - Logitech Brio

Installing the Brio webcam

The Logitech Brio is an essential camera for our system. We highly recommend this camera because of its high resolution and excellent colour correction.

This is how you install the Logitech Brio webcam (Windows 10 computer):

  • Connect the cable to the computer
  • Please give the camera a few seconds to enumerate in the operating system (note: USB 3.0 preferred)

Start the Virtual Classroom application and select/create a Session to test the camera. The LEDs on the camera will light when streaming.


If you have plugged BRIO into a USB port, and even after several minutes the device is not recognized in the system or not showing up in your applications, please try the following to ensure whether it is a connection issue rather than problems with your hardware:

  • Check your setup … are all cables and connections plugged in tightly?
  • Try a different USB port … sometimes a USB port on the host computer running the video conferencing software may have an issue
  • Try a different computer … does the BRIO work fine on another system?
  • If BRIO is connected through a USB hub or extender, try plugging directly into USB port … some external hubs or extenders may not have adequate power or specifications to support BRIO.


Next step: check the Device Manager

For Windows, open Device Manager to check that the Windows driver of the BRIO is properly installed. 

Device Manager in the Windows Operating Systems allows users to view and control the hardware attached to the computer. When a piece of hardware is not working, it may not be listed or may show a yellow exclamation point next to the identified hardware to indicate there is an issue

Device Manager

You can access Device Manager by:

  • hitting the Windows Start then 
  • typing “Device Manager” in the search bar to the right of the start icon.

Open “Imaging Devices” and confirm if Logitech BRIO is listed. 

If not listed:

  • Try a different USB port
  • Check if Windows Update is enabled.
    Windows Update is a Microsoft Service which automatically downloads and installs updates over the internet to the operating system.
    You can access Windows Update by selecting the Windows start icon and typing in Windows Update in the search field.Windows Update settings is controlled by the Administrator of your system, so if you are working in a professional environment, you may need to contact your IT department. 

If Logitech BRIO is listed but has a yellow exclamation point, then try the following:

  • In Device Manager, right-click on BRIO/UNKNOWN device with the yellow exclamation icon, and select Update Driver.
  • In the Update dialog, select Update Driver.
  • Select Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer.
  • Check Show compatible hardware (if not checked), then select USB Video Device (not Logitech BRIO), from the list.
  • Click Next.

NOTE: If a list of categories is shown instead, select Imaging Devices, then USB Video Device.

If Logitech BRIO is listed without a yellow exclamation point, please then try the following to make sure the latest updated driver is installed:

  • In Device Manager, right-click on BRIO device, and select Update Driver.
  • In the Update dialog, select Update Driver.
  • Select Search automatically for updated driver software
  • Select the Logitech BRIO driver that is listed

No additional software is required to run BRIO. We do offer optional applications that allow you to configure settings to your liking or provide additional functionality, such as our Camera Settings Application. Again, this is optional software for your convenience.

One exception is if you are running the Brio webcam with Windows 7. Because Windows 7 does not support USB 3.0, you will need a driver. Windows Update should provide this driver, just make sure Windows Update is enabled on the computer.

We do not recommend using a USB hub if you’re out of USB ports or to extend the distance between your BRIO webcam and your computer. This applies to both USB 2.0 and 3.0 hubs. Using a hub can severely degrade the signal integrity and affect the overall performance of your BRIO webcam.

If your camera output appears blurry or the focus will not resolve to a clear, non-blurry image, try to trigger the “autofocus” – hold your hand in front of the lens and then remove it. The focus on the camera is automatic and should adjust itself.

If there are any issues during the installation process, please contact our Support Team.