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Extra tools during the training

Virtual Classroom - Logitech Brio

Extra tools during training session

With students at different locations, managing a training session is quite challenging. Although you have prepared your training well (content and slideshow created), always unexpected things happen. That is very normal and that’s why we have created these great extra tools.

We developed a number of smart tools for you, so you can improvise on the spot (and we will continue adding new ones).

It is even better if you have a host next to you who does this, so you can concentrate on your training and students.

1. Import new slides

During a training session, sometimes you need to change Slideshow or you want to quickly show some other content. No problem.

Just click the Slideshow button (top right) and select whatever is required. Your students won’t notice it.

Virtual Classroom - Select new slideshow

2. Create content "on-the-fly'"

Imagine this scenario: during the training you want your students opinion or feedback on something. You don’t want them to answer all at the same time (chaos). Then it’s good to quickly create a Post-it or Poll for their feedback 

Please click the ‘on-the-fly’ button and you can instantly create one. It is very easy do, please see this video:

(tutorial video ON THE FLY CREATION)

3. Link Classroom URL

Imagine this scenario: the training has started and one of the students sents you a message: “I can’t find the email anymore”.

No panic, just click the URL button (top left) and insert the link in an email. It’s done in a couple of seconds.

4. Share your screen

During a training session, you want to show a particular website. Or quickly want to show a Powerpoint that is not uploaded in the system. No problem.

The Share Screen button allows you to select a particular window on your computer (or the whole screen) and show that window on the main presentation screen of your classroom. A great way to improvise!

Virtual Classroom - Share Screen

5. Save Post-its / Polls

All the information submitted by students via your Post-its and Polls can be saved. Later in the training or presentation, you can go back to this input.

For example, at the beginning of the training, you ask what their goals are for today’s session. It’s always good to go back to this information at the end of the training and see/ask if all goals were met.

Virtual Classroom - Save and retrieve content

Your input?

We want to continue improving our application. Your feedback or special wishes are very welcome (please send message to Support Team). We will do our best to implement your suggestions in the Virtual Classroom.