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Inviting your students

Virtual Classroom - Logitech Brio

Inviting students to your training session

After you have created your training session, there are two ways you can inform your students.

1. Send invitation from our system

Virtual Classroom - Add invitations

When you create a new Session, you can add the email addresses of those who you want to invite (#1). 

Each person will receive an invitation email with all Session details and a link to the classroom.

It’s also possible to add invitees later. At the top (#2) you can see who’s already invited. Only new persons will receive the invitation.

In case you change something to the Session (date, time etc.) everybody will be updated by email.

2. Copy the Session URL

Virtual Classroom - Copy URL of training session

From the Session details, you can copy the URL of the training session and enclose it in your own emails. Anyone with that URL can login to the upcoming training session.

Good to know !

As a trainer, when you are in a Training Session in the Virtual Classroom, there is a smart shortcut to get the URL of the ongoing session. 

In the top-right corner, click the little ‘Student link’ icon and the URL of the current session is copied to your clipboard. Now you can share the URL quickly with anyone via email.


Virtual Classroom - URL of this online training session

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