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Optimise your network / firewall

Virtual Classroom - Logitech Brio

Optimise your network / firewall

It’s important that your network is ready for our application. Firewall settings may prevent connecting to our server and/or some elements working properly. Please implement the following.

IP addresses used by our application

Companies who have managed firewalls in place, please make sure to open your firewall for the following IP address(es):


In the future we will extend this list. We will inform our customers four weeks in advance, so any changes can be implemented on time by their online security managers.

TCP / UDP ports used

Our Virtual Classroom has the ability to handle webRTC traffic over both UDP and TCP. The following ports are used and should be open / whitelisted in the firewall for the IP(s) mentioned above:

  • Port 443 for TCP HTTP/BOSH/Websocket to our webRTC server (via
  • Port 10000 for UDP from our Videobridge (via
  • (in case client has additional firewall restrictions and/or NAT) Port 443 TCP to our videobridge (via
  • Port 5275 and 5347 for TCP (XMPP client to server connections)


If your web traffic routes via a HTTP Proxy, then please create an exception to allow network traffic to route “”.

Testing connection

If there are any issues or if you want to test your connection, please contact our Support Team to schedule a test appointment.