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Required hardware


Required hardware for Virtual Classroom

From the starting point, our goal was to keep the hardware as easy as possible, so the application is easy to use, flexible and accessible for everybody.

You only need a laptop, Logitech Brio webcam and a green screen to start using the Virtual Classroom.


No need to create a professional green room area. With this (Konig) Background Cloth and (Falcon Eyes) Background System you can create the perfect setup. 

We have also opted for the Cloth version as it is easy to setup, store and carry with you.


  • When the trainer is behind the (virtual) presentation table in the Virtual Classroom, the 3 x 3 meter green Background Cloth is sufficient
  • When the trainer wants to be fully visible and ‘walk’ in the Virtual Classroom, we recommend the 3 x 6 meter version

Logitech BRIO webcam

We have selected the BRIO for a number of reasons:

  • Video quality (4K resolution)
  • Video adjustment (HDR technology automatically adjusts the brightness)


  • Little tripod/light stand is required to position the BRIO at the right height and angle (positioning it on top of your laptop screen will not give the desired effect)

For your convenience

These products are widely available on the internet. 

For your convenience (all products sold at one place, quick delivery), we have selected the well known internet store Coolblue

  • Bresser BR-9 Background Cloth 3 x 4m: link
  • Bresser BR-9 Background Cloth 3 x 6m: link
  • Falcon Eyes Background System: link
  • Logitech BRIO: link
  • Rotolight Compact Light Stand: link